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Experimenting with unintentional movement and structured improvisation two performers play a game of observation and transformation, informed by the boundaries of consciousness and unconsciousness. In the creation of this duet we questioned how we could generate movement together, in complete democracy and agreement between us. Are our bodies already in a conversation that we’re not aware of?
Like looking in the mirror and not quite recognising ourselves, we develop a relationship based on a negotiation of identity, otherness and decision making. Can we recognise ourselves in the other whilst maintaining our own identity? Do we consider our identity fixed, or is identity a fluid and changing matter?
Our constant feedback of each other's movement is affected by how, as individuals, we react differently to similar information, creating a domino effect that keeps generating movement loops, accumulations, repetitions and developments.
The use of improvisation brings spontaneity to the piece, keeping the audience on the edge of the unexpected.
The piece was created for the second edition of Highs and Lows performance platform at OT301 (AM), curated by 4bid Gallery.

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