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Through symbols and gestures we speak.
Both meaningful and mysterious, we interpret alone.
We read body language, spoken language, written words
and still the translation falls short.
What is the distance between what we say and what we mean?
How to measure, and bridge, the space between you and I?

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Weaving movement and body language with humor and pathos, physical symbols become the guide through this dance between understanding and misunderstanding. "Signs.Sigils.ii" is a physical expression of the human desire for connection and the languages we use, we make, or that we break, in order to express ourselves.

Following the verbal and nonverbal communication between two particular humans, this dance theater work highlights the influence of personality and culture on perception and interpretation of the other. Beginning as a physical conversation through desire, emojis, and finding one’s voice, “Signs.Sigils.ii” investigates the awkward, the comic, and the beautiful moments that can unfold in face-to-face interaction. Inspired by individual and cultural gestures, equations of distance and personal stories, the piece questions these symbols and searches for language that resonates with body and mind. Despite the miscommunications, in the end "Signs.Sigils.ii" leaves with the possibility of resonance: a brief moment of understanding hanging in the air.

With international collaboration at its core and part of the research itself across cultures and communication styles, "Signs.Sigils.ii" features music developed with Italian composer Adriano Fontana and choreography from American Victoria McConnell, built with Brazilian-German dancer Rodolfo Piazza. Completing the circle of communication, after each performance the collaborative team invites viewers to share their reactions and ask questions in an artist talk-back session.


Residency Showing - https://vimeo.com/300781664/f058dc0094

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