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Esthetic movement is changing into different quality showing darker side of daily incidents. Simple movement actually contains a lot of emotions, hidden sense and many layers of meaning as totally same as our lives. Those will slowly show up to surface of movement.
In the piece, audience will see esthetic, pretty, sensitive, measuring, cold and robotic movement. There will be core of movement and information. Gentle and small transition will change movement into the animalistic, mind-to-mind, warm and humanly one. I will explore how I can use same material and I will be in totally different place.
How we can see inside or different side of things is a question. This piece will also examine what will happen to dance if we see it only as material itself without our imagination. it means same as communicating with people without any imagination but only by text itself.
Through it, the piece will examine how human being understand things and communicate mind-to-mind. Obviously, it is different from just to analyze things like AI robot does.

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