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Everything comes from the famous love story between Chopin and George Sand.
What we are interested in, is not simply telling about their love, but rather about love between two artists, with art that stands overwhelmingly in the middle.
The piece in the video is about 18 minutes, but it could last 15 minutes in this version.

  • Por Chiara Verdecchia

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Chopin e George Sand

Love for art eats us inside, it consumes us, it charges us with electric enthusiasm.
Love for a person satisfies us, it warms us up, and it brings us to compromise, sometimes it exhausts us ... the intertwining of both generates a huge commotion.
There is no room enaugh for all the factors ... if there is compromise, then the electricity is less enthusiastic; if we are eaten by enthusiasm, we have less strength and less desire to run out, and we have less heat to generate.
Balance and congruence, instability and turbulence, all coexist and explode in a single ballad.

This is the window we wanted to open up on their union, on how much art is a love itself, and how love for art transfigures love between two people. Our gaze is not directed only to the two of them, but is rather a design of human passions in general and on what perhaps is the most burning passion, the one for art.

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