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We would like the opportunity with PUBLIC BETA to bring Lo-Giudice Dance to the Cultural Centre Paco Rabal in Madrid, Spain.The company and choreographer, Anthony Lo-Giudice, would really like to show their contemporary choreographic work, The Teeth Behind The Kisses, where dancers take to the stage to reveal a vigorous and energetic piece which expresses themes of Divinity and the terrestrial, quiet and rapture, love and pain. This piece interweaves solos and intimate duets inspired by artist Hector De Gregorio whose work combines religious overtones with eroticism. This will be a great chance for the company to form international networks, but also a chance for those in Europe to see what a Northern UK company has to offer.

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The Project

Through a company called The Empty Space, I produce for an artist called Anthony Lo-Giudice, the choreographer and founder of Lo-Giudice. He has recently been working on a research and development project funded by Arts Council England in order to mature his contemporary, movement-based choreographic style. Currently, Anthony has been working in collaboration with artist Hector De Gregorio. Hector’s work combines elements of both modern art and classical design to reveal religious overtones and eroticism. With this in mind, Anthony looks to explore themes of Divinity and the terrestrial, quiet and rapture, love and pain.
For this piece, The Teeth Behind The Kisses, Anthony proposes to express these themes through energetic, physical, intricate, movement-based choreography, in a live piece.
Currently, the piece is 20 minutes in length and has been performed at dance platforms in the UK including Dance City’s Public Announcement, Made Up North in Leeds, and Resolution! at The Place. The piece requires a simple use of lights and music played from the tech box, it can also be turned around quickly. The piece can be refined to create 10-15 minute work for platforms.
The Teeth Behind The Kisses has been created as part of a research and development process funded by Dance City, an NPO in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Arts Council England as Anthony Lo-Giudice's personalised professional development. We will be applying for more funding to further this research and development project, allowing Anthony Lo-Giudice and the artists, Hector De Gregorio, to work closely together, as well as the band Wardruna from Norway who Anthony is also heavily influenced by. This R&D will lead to a full length commission from Arts Council England in 2016/2017. We hope to develop the work to have international influences and so we would like to bring this work to various platforms in the EU including Oslo, Stockholm, Italy, and Spain. Anthony hopes to also develop networks overseas and this is a great opportunity.
Anthony has been choreographing work for his company since 2011, and has collaborated with artists creating work as part of Cloud Dance Festival, The Movimentale Napoli Festival, The Royal Northern Sinfonia, Resolution! at the Place, Platform A.D, Se.s.ta in Prague, Art Garage in Naples, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Moving Frontiers, Live Bites at Yorkshire Dance, the Agitart Figueres es Mou in Spain and more.
Anthony has previously been selected as one of twelve International choreographers to enrol onto the Korespondance Europe Project, and became Associate Artist for Dance City in Newcastle and ARC in Stockton, UK. Further to this, Anthony was selected to study at The Royal Ballet.

The Teeth Behind The Kisses Images

Show, rehearsal images, and Hector De Gregorio's image in collaboration with Lo-Giudice Dance. Image credits to: Chantal Guevara, A.Lo-Giudice, R.Watt, and Hector De Gregorio

Promo Video

The Teeth Behind The Kisses

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