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The dance piece Water in Me is the thinking and feeling of water, eye of water and silence of water. An aesthetic of thirst, choreography of the possible trajectories water's body and an evocative and contemporary sonority (Renato Santos - Conception and Direction)
The state of daily sensibility and presence, in connection with the spectacle, allowed us to dance and singing memories and personal experiences recently lived in Brazil and in Benin - dances from here and here, the memory of my daughter's birth, the daily experiences and learning with her, missing the Benin and the sense of connections only explainable by ancestry and spirituality. It has been a gradual resumption of wholeness, reviving my body, my head and the connection with my Orisha (Monica Aduni. Choreography and interpret)
The sound of the waters brings many heights, many sonorous variations, a sonorous mother of many sounds, with their noises, marulhos and murmurs. The ijexá, is a river flowing smoothly, evoking nobility, elegance and serenity, and provoking all these sensations through touch and rhythm, just as the bivouac evokes the turbulent, swift, swirling waters. The idea was that music could create these feelings, affections, not through an interpretation, but by the sound of the contact with body. (Felipe Machado - Musical Track)

  • Por Monica Aduni
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Water in Me is a contemporary dance piece, based in the water recherche into the body, at the skin. Motherwood, memories and relations with Benin and somepeople from there.

Water in Me- pictures and Workshop

Water in Me- Project

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