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Noum is a coined word that I made. the moment just before entering in a dream, conscious and unconscious intersect. Are formed by the interpretation that dream like it in the world of Noh. It is said that Noh is expected to appreciate in a state between sleeping and waking. Dream in that state. In addition, the pronunciation is the same reading (different kanji) It has the same meaning as the fog. It symbolizes sound like a tornado and Japanese dark atmosphere that I often use. And, if you read the letter from the opposite side of Noum, become word meaning

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Noum Zeccyou-Rinsetu

One of the Image of my music

Noum Zeccyou Art Work (A little preview)

Visual, sound, dreams and eyelids, light and shadow.other, have a lot of pictures.

Noum Zeccyou(Views)

MehataSentimentalLegend Live Performance

in Tokyo .In performance, Built in its place the music. Not programmed.

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