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Are women inherently sinful because of Eve’s sin?

“Living with Sin” is a 12 minutes solo dance with strong colours, expressive & simple choreography and mbira & drum music.

The strong influence of the Christian Church on European and colonial history still reverberates. Research suggests sociocultural factors may be inherited across generations, through upbringing and genetics. “Living with Sin” compresses these notions and looks at how far our ancestors’ experiences of culture and religion may affect subsequent generations.

One woman embodies womanhood through the ages. In her, all experiences are united.

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The piece is the result of my musings about the role that the Christian Church’s doctrine of original sin, which blames woman for the fall of man from Eden, may play in how women are regarded in the Western world. I’m not intending to provide answers, but I think it’s an interesting and unusual perspective on gender equality and I want to spark off discussions about it.

“Living with Sin” started as a film and has been screened in Argentina, Italy and England. I now want to recreate it as a live performance to bring it to a wider audience and to see how taking it off the screen will affect the audience. It can be performed within a theatre, but truly comes into its own when performed site-specifically outdoors or in an unusual venue.

The work is divided into four parts, which are clear through on-stage/part-of-the-choreography costume changes, and in the music and dynamic of choreography. In simple terms, the audience gets a very intimate encounter with a body suspended in a limbo outside of all space and time, then they follow the woman to a place of sin and guilt, then to anger and frustration and eventually they arrive in a place similar to the first place but with more experience. The emotions are “simple”, recognizable to all humans.

I intend for the audience to be drawn into the world of the dancer and when the piece finishes I want the audience to have gained knowledge they might not be able to express in words immediately, but they will feel it deeply.

Living with Sin


Living with Sin

watch the trailer to the original film here and let me know if you'd like to see rehearsal footage for the live work or the full film

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