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Here we celebrate National Geographic Society's 125 year Journey. Nat Geo's educational endeavor has been promoting Peace and Empathy, connecting Humanity for the good of all the Earth. Because of their continuing aspirations our world is a better place.

This design incorporates the four elements, the four directions. Other symbols are described below.

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Earth, Peace, Hellos - Nat Geo 125th - Design #3

This design started with an idea of hands counting 1,2, and 5. Then 1 came to signify our one precious Earth, our one Human Family. 2 fingers signifies Peace. The open hand of 5 fingers waving, is the universal gesture of Hello. The smile is also a universal expression of Hello.

Earth, Peace, Hellos - Nat Geo 125th - Design #3

For 125 years Nat Geo Society has been Uniting our one Human Family to protect & conserve the resources of our Earth. Their educational efforts promote Peace & Empathy.

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