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Saying goodbye to old-self and welcoming the new-I

“Tschüss!!Bunny” is the title of the piece.The meaning in German is “Goodbye!! Rabbit.” It has the homophonic meaning in Chinese as “You go to hell!!” The essence from the meaning in both languages becomes the backbone of the piece, which is “Saying goodbye to old-self and welcoming the new-I.” But what are we saying goodbye to? what does rabbit represent? and who are you? This is only a state of conciseness. But is there actually a specific person or thing that we want to say goodbye to? or even more to mock to?

In the piece, the technical physicality is reduced. The body language is functioning to serve as a expressive tool. By consisting all those seem little and unimportant things in daily life, and collecting those tiny and broken slices of massages from everyday drama, a firm backbone is being formed as a clear language in between.


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