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lumen me lumen is a work about the relationship between the obscure part and the bright part of ourself, the possibility to live in every kind of places and to absorb both the light and the dark in our body, becoming like an eternal bright being that moves in an eternal time and space.

Lumen me lumen, in this work, is the unit of measurement of the light and the energy of the body and the indication of measurement of the contrast between light and dark and it would be a resolution of these contrasts. The body is in connection with the space, a fixed space, that seems like a morfological structure of a city. The body can be in all kind of spaces, of cities and has a free possibility to act. The border, during the performance, is incorporated by the body that absords in the same time light and dark, as a resolution: so, the harmonic body in an harmonic space becomes an eternal being that feels the movement and the sound of the universe.

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lumen me lumen

Music: Pete Namlook, Gyorgy Ligeti
Dramaturgical supervisor: Senio Giovanni Barbaro Dattena
Light designer: Stefano De Litala
Costumes: Marco Nateri, Stefania Dessì
Production: ASMED-Balletto di Sardegna

Perfomance realized thanks to the choreographic residence of FIND (Festival Internazionale della Nuova danza di Cagliari) and the support of Bando SIAE S’illumina- Copia Privata per i giovani, per la cultura and MIBACT (2017)


Lumen is the unit of measurement of the light and energy of the body that decides with nimbleness and curiosity to pass the limit daily relapsing into. As a consequence, the body itself assumes the responsibility of the spaces where it lives, and of the intervals between themselves. Moreover, it incorporates in itself the contrast between the dark and the light, becoming the dress of an eternal, anonymous and, thus, universal being.

Lumen me lumen is the search of equation that could solve the contrasts the body lives in its inner self. Lumen me lumen is the relationship between me-here and me-there, which regenerates itself in the light of an inner path made of a never fixed places’ habitation.
The inside-outside a yet “given” space problematic nature takes the body to explore feelings and dynamics. They pass, turning into arts play, a clear dividing-line, for the benefit of a cohabitation and orbiting formula.
There is no more inside/outside, above/below, right/left, but an attained action freedom, undermining the black and white rigid formula. The performer goes beyond right this cast-off formula in his own way; this way time is marked in lasting of the thinking and acting motion.
The dividing-line almost becomes invisible. The contrast swallowing is the only condition possible to go wild and escape to benefit. It is the re-found solution: the body-landscape emerges as choral body, where the body-me, the body-other, the body-environment live harmoniously.

Body-me and heavenly body in relations. Lumen me lumen.

Simona Perrella

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