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A latin american, arabic-judaic-andalousian and native peoples of the americas music concert. A bar somewhere in Latin America... two friends musicians... sitting at a table, share memories around childhood, death, love... a chat made out of songs, poetry and melodies rooted in archaic civilizations (Mixteca, Mapuche, Quechua...) and the language of the conquerors. Songs, poetry and melodies that follow one another around the edges and geographical boundaries beyond the ocean. Spanish and cuban writers, argentinian, chilian and peruvian composers. Carlos Varela (Cuba) Claudio Gomez(Colombia) Zitarossa (Uruguay) Maria Elana Walsh, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Eladia Blaquez (Argentine) Violeta Parra (Chili) ... Nicolas Guillén, Chavela Vargas, Juan Manuel Serrat, Chabuca Granda, Sofia Gaitan de Reyes …« canto de trabajo anonimo » de Venezuela... anonymous songs born in Spain or Mexico, sefarad spanish songs...linked by a unique and permanent red thread, the spanish language. They are sourrounded by the instruments: guitar, bombo, castanuelas and a souk of objects witnesses of the paths and origins of each song.



Excerpt of the show at "le CouveNt"

Printemps du CouveNt Festival - artists residency

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