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“ I want to die with my blue jeans on” Andy Warhol

The easy way to dress a Blue jeans should be the easy way to create a performance.
Blue Jeans is an easy cool project like a simple casual pair of Blue Jeans.
It want to be the expression of the simple necessity of movement.
I’m working with the contraposition between instint and rationality, doing a play in which the subjects are 8 parts of the body that through the connection between each other create a mathematics plays of the movements.
As Andy Warhol look at the actor throught the Screen Test to see the reality of the Human, We are 2 humans that works doing the Screen Test at the creative process using the reality as subject.

Concept by Laura Gazzani
Dancers: Laura Gazzani, Jessica Russo

Duration: 10 min

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  • Etiquetas: Andy Warhol, Blue Jeans, contemporary dance, dance project

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Blue Jeans

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