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cope. unable to execute sometimes even falling over mid-sentence. the underlying problem – out of sequential finger movement.

Accompanied by original text written by Heather Stewart (spoken by Marc Bartissol) delimit; how to occur is a self-performed contemporary dance solo. Informed by the structure and tone of the text the movement engages personal memory as a point of departure.

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delimit; how to occur

Contemporary dance solo

Heather’s choreography is characterized by a simple clarity of the body and its relationship to space. Interweaving tensions between text and pure movement, her work is informed by a broad understanding of the body, language and contemporary arts discourses. She works in collaboration with Montreal based composer Marc Bartissol, who creates music and sound specifically for her choreographic projects.

Duration: 12 minutes

delimit; how to occur

photography by Katie Stewart

delimit; how to occur

contemporary dance solo

delimit; how to occur

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