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Uncontrolled is a dance piece/installation based on what can happen to the body and the mind when the blood sugar levels fall too low. What happens when you get out of control of your own body when your body and mind goes into an altered state of consciousness? I am diabetic and that was the starting point for this piece. It is important for me to share to the public the danger and the seriousness of having a chronic disease whilst being a physical dancer. Limitation, responsibility, frustration and trying to be in control in the uncontrolled is some key factors in the piece. The performance is based on slow, heavy moving, which is similar to how I move with low blood sugar and when I am in an altered state of consciousness. Our brain is critically dependent on a continuous supply of sugar to be able to function and is therefore extremely sensitive to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when the blood to brain sugar transport becomes limiting. Loud breathing and shaking is other symptoms of low blood sugar and this is very relevant in this piece. The dancers have been tested both physically and psychologically and they all bring their own personal story into the piece. One dancer is also diabetic, one dancer had an undiagnosed neurological condition and one dancer has experienced how people she loves change and how that affected her.
I want to be able to develop this piece where I can explore different aspects of low blood sugar symptoms and present that. I do not need a lot of space but the piece was originally constructed in a large but limited space were the audience were placed in the wings, on stage, almost like a tunnel, to give a sense of limitation. The audience are watching the dancers from a confined dark space to give them an insight into how the dancers might feel. The music in the piece is mixed with recordings where it is intended to make the audience feel a bit uncomfortable, as they are left to make up their own minds about what they are hearing and what they think the dancers were doing. The piece will be adjusted to the potentially performance space. This piece is one way of expressing to an audience of how it feels to suffer from diabetes, both visually and psychologically.

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Trailer Uncontrolled 2017 and first draft from 2014

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