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..”Seyt” is the result of the connection of the number 6 (six) and 7 (sept).

It is a piece which is in a constantly evolution and indicates an experiment for the dancers, as well for the audience. It does neither pertain to a particular subject nor result an outcome. “Seyt” is based on the repeated changes and moods.

Six completely different changes, fragmented into small pieces., trying to build an “absurd” puzzle. The constant mood changes, without no judgment and logic, characterized the piece with an intense element of taunt. There is a depreciation of communication between the dancers, but with the audience as well.

“Seyt” can reminds us the contemporary scenery of Greek modern reality. Daily, people snowed with changes that they have not chosen, but still they are not in the time point to act or to judge. We are unable to experience fully our feelings and moods/attitudes..
An absurd “puzzle” composes Greek reality..

Performance by : Sonia Ntova / Despina Kapoulitsa
Creation, Performance: Sonia Ntova, Despina Kapoulitsa
Movement Attendance: Lia Vasdari
Music (Live : Haris Agoritas
Lights: Kostas Ntanis
Photos: Savvas Lespouridis
Video-documentation: Katerina Bolmati
Premiered at the Theater Aneton in Thessaloniki (Greece) on the 26th of June 2012.

With the Support of the Contemporary Dance Festival of Thessaloniki, and the Superior School of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

  • Por Despina Kapoulitsa
  • Etiquetas: choreographer, dance project

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