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Mos's Dream is an animated short film which forms part of
The Episode. A South African Artist's initiative to create original animated short stories from original artworks.
The artworks are exhibited in the style of a storyboard alongside the final animation.
To accompany the exhibition, artists use creative license to enhance their original artworks with other media.
Follow-up exhibitions will be held as new stories are created.

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The Episode

Artists collaborate by creating a so-called storyboard of original artworks at a specific size, 18cm x 13cm.
The artworks are created by messing, splattering or roughly applying any medium on ready to hang stretched canvas, or wooden panels.
Afterwards artists find and define shapes, figures and backgrounds in these marks to create characters and environments to complete the artworks.

Creating the story.
Artworks can be first completed and then arranged together to create a story.
Sometimes a trend follows after completing an artwork, and an idea takes form which can influence the next artwork to create a story.
Using creative license, one or more stories can be created out of the artworks.

Animating the story.
A cut-out animation style is preferred to depict what is portrayed in the original artworks, but can be mixed with other styles, depending on the artist's final vision.

Once the artworks-storyboards are completed, a rough storyboard with the story outline, actions, camera moves and sound are created.

Artworks are photographed and digitally dissected in photo editing software to create clean-cut layers of the different moving parts.
These layer files will be imported into the animation software to create the animation.

To follow the progress of Mos's Dream, please follow the link and 'Like' Mos's Dream Facebook Page:

Mos's Dream

Some of the original artworks created for Mos's Dream

Mos's Dream

Some Animation tests

Mos's Dream

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