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I would like to tell you why dance the sky enveloped by the solar wind and releases visions to shape with bodies
I would like to tell you how you can see the Milky Way from the train that crosses the snows to the north where the cold stings the skin and the soft eyes of an elk steal my breath
I would like to tell you where the eagles revolve around the peaks: their song awakens the valleys I carry their flight on my feather cape
I would like to tell you when sinking my roots in the sands of the desert I feel myself united to the sparkle of the air, I feel part of the joy of the universe that constantly renews itself, it’s sewn the wounds of the animals that waste it and devour it to big bites
Leaving me led by the words and studies of Joseph Campbell, one of the greatest scholars of comparative mythology and religions, I would like to face the myth by recovering the duality dream-vision / reality to transform it and bring it back to the matrix:

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dreams open a door on mythology since the myths are of the same nature of the dream. As dreams emerge from an inner world unknown to waking consciousness, so does it come to m

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